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2 hours- $250

Recommend up to 22 guests for 2 hrs.

$110 for each additional hour.

Want to express your inner glitter monster? This cool & current alternative to traditional Face Painting will make your event sparkle for sure!

In times when everyone is looking for unique experiences and attention, you cannot go wrong with the Glitter & Bling Bar!

Perfect for little girl parties, sweet sixteen, bachelorette parties, Ladies Night Out, weddings, or any event that you want to add some glitz and glam! Lots of sparkly fun, the Glitter & Bling Bar involves little to no face paint. With cosmetic grade face and body glitters, chunky glitter gels, and handmade gem clusters to choose from, your guests can get all glammed up with face crystals, festival glitter eyes, glitter lips, even glitter beards for the guys! This service also includes realistic temporary tattoos that get embellished with glitter gels and gems. (check out the pics below.)

All my glitters and gels are cosmetic grade and are safe to use on the skin.

Face Painting Arm Design
Temporary Tattoo with Glitter and Gems
Face Painting Arm Design with Jewels
Glitter Gels and Gems

Realistic Temporary Tattoos accented with glitter gels and gems.

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