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Charity and Fundraising Events

I am always open to helping charities and non profits. Because I understand face painting isn't always in the budget but is always wanted, I've come up with charity options so that all parties are compensated and happy! :)

Pay-Per-Face (raising money for you)
If you are having a huge event (6,000 people or more), I will charge the guests my standard pay-per-face rates and at the end of the event I provide 15% of my profits to you as donation towards your charity.
Sponsorship (free to guests)
If you would like to provide free face painting to your guests, you can ask a sponsor to pay my event fee. Ask one of your sponsors to cover the costs of the services in exchange for displaying their materials at my booth. This can work very well if the sponsor would like to set up an info stall that will get seen – I draw quite a crowd! It's a great way for them to promote themselves and it's a tax write off since it's considered a donation.
Pay directly (free to guests)

You can pay me my regular rate and then put out a donation box at the face painting table to try and recoup your cost.

4) Reduced pay-per-face

Great for a tight budget! You only pay me $35 per hour (Saturdays excluded) and I will offer face painting at a very reduced rate to the patrons- only $2 per face! This way everyone is happy- Your guests will be happy to afford quality face painting at such a low cost, you will be happy to only use a small portion of your budget towards the face painting entertainment, and I will be happy that the costs of my materials and time will still be mostly covered.

Free Events

I'm so sorry but I just can not paint for free. My products are very expensive and I dedicate a lot of time and money to educating myself to become an excellent artist. I work full time as a face painter on weekends and evenings and I take care of my grandmother the rest of the time. In order to pay for all the costs of running my business such as products, training, insurance, marketing, etc., as well as daily living expenses, I can only take paying events. Please refer to the above options for alternative ideas. 

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